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Car accidents

Car accidents happen daily in Kentucky. Whether it is a severe accident or a minor accident, you still need to receive your compensation for any damages or medical bills. Leave it to Dan Partin to get what you deserve!

Motorcycle accidents

Driving a motorcycle can be fun and relaxing, but also very dangerous. Many motorcycle accidents can often leave serious to life threatening injuries. Here at the Law Offices of Dan Partin, we want to get you all of your compensation and get you back on the road better than ever.

Truck and 18-wheeler accidents

Whether you drive for your own company or employed at a company, you need to find someone that will be able to help you get your compensation when an accident does occur. With experience in this area, Dan Partin can get you what you need.

Medical malpractice

In today's world, medical malpractice is more common than you think. The real danger is going up against those big companies that can end up getting even more money out of your pocket. With Dan Partin by your side, you can rest assured that he will get what you deserve.

Workplace injuries

Everyday, some kind of workplace injury occurs. It can be something minor to where you don’t worry too much about or something severe that can end your career. No matter the case. Dan Partin will stand by your side and help you with any workplace injury you may have received.

Nursing home abuse

When you let a loved one into a nursing home, you hope that they are treated well and can live well until their time comes. However, more often than you think, nursing home abuse can occur. In that case, don’t hesitate to give Dan Partin a call, who will make the situation right.

Defective products

Each day we buy some sort of product that we want to use. In some cases, that product can be defective and cause some serious damages to you or your home. Those big companies will try to make the situation right, but don’t trust them. Put your trust in Dan Partin who will make it right and get you your compensation.

Personal Injury/Slip-and-fall accidents

Slip and fall accidents are a common personal injury that quite a lot of people experience. If you have experienced a slip and fall accident, and you may think that it was caused by someone, give Dan Partin a call. He will help you get your compensation for any damages or medical bills.

Uncontested Divorce

Divorce is always a tough case for everyone and the best way to get a divorce is to have a peaceful one. If you need to get a divorce, reach out to Dan Partin, who will get you an uncontested divorce and help both parties leave on good terms.


If you or a loved one have or received a disability and are not receiving any benefits or enough benefits, give Dan Partin a call. Everyone deserves to be treated well and you should be able to receive the maximum benefits to help you with your disability.


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